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Created in 2015 and inspired by a passion for the sea Nautical Creations is a new

brand in the field of natural hand crafted products.

In spite of their recent arrival in the market, our products have enjoyed

considerable success due to their elegance, originality and practicality.

They are handmade by professional and selected craftsmen who

aspire to make works of art for the connoisseurs.

Italian made furniture has gained great recognition since the

early 80’s.

We believe that our “Made in Italy” products are more than a simple

detail as they reflect our philosophy to aspire to beauty without

compromising details or quality.

Designed, made and assembled in Salento by our highly talented

craftmen each detail of our nautical designes is the result of the

creativity and craftsmanship of our passionate artisans.

Our products are stylish, smart and designed to withstand outdoor

use. Strict quality control is observed during the creation of each.

We love matching colors: white with cream or navy blue, always a

yachtman’s favourite.In fact, the choice of the clients is not limited to the

items displayed in our catalogue but can be made by their imagination, as we

are ready to make any changes to the artefact to the requirements of

our customers and develop an entirely unique piece.

Lamps, wicker baskets, wall clocks, napkin baskets, decanters, toothbrush glasses, key rings, ashtrays are

just a few of the items we manufacture and we continually add new products and lines to our catalogue in

order to make your nautical furniture items modern, versatile and unique.